Prepositions for Your Self-Introduction – #20066

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Prepositions for Your Self-Introduction – #20066

Learn how to use prepositions correctly as you introduce yourself to others. Take the quiz at the end of the page to test your knowledge.

business englishPREPOSITIONS

The most commonly used prepositions in introduction are: at, for, with, on, in, from, and since:

at / for A-Tech (specific company)
in the R&D division (specific division or department)
with George Smith (person/company)
on the 2nd floor (floor, street, level)
in San Jose (city, state, or country)
from 8 AM to 5 PM (time period with a beginning and end)
since 2005 (one date)
for 5 years (complete time period)

english grammar practicePREPOSITION QUIZ

Verb Tense Quiz
Select the correct preposition in each sentence. Two choices have been given to you. Write your answer in the box and click "check answers" at the bottom.

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