How to Learn English Without a Teacher

Sometimes the best way to improve your English is to look around you! Learn some tricks for improving your English without a teacher.

Which is better for learning English: group classes or one-to-one lessons?

Are one-to-one lessons better than group lessons? This article will help you decide what kind of lessons are best for you.

Silent Letters in English

Have you ever been surprised by a word’s spelling in English? It probably happens all of the time. You either see a word first and try to pronounce it by saying all the letters, only to be misunderstood. Or, you learn a word’s correct pronunciation but then spell it wrong. Don’t worry! Everyone has to […]

Embrace the Changes in English, Update your Language

English changes over time. The rules you once learned may not always be followed! Read this post to learn how the rules have changed and what you should do about it.

New “How To” Pages on MyOvient

Did you know that making mistakes while speaking will help you become a more fluent English speaker? Did you know that you should give the size first when ordering coffee at Starbucks? (“I would like a tall white chocolate mocha.”) You can learn more tips like these by reading our new “How To” pages. Currently, […]

MyOvient launches with over 250 pages!

We are excited to announce that our new Website for learning American English pronunciation, business English, grammar, and vocabulary is live!

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