A Presentation Is a Story – #20078

informational lessonLearn how storytelling techniques can improve your presentations.

How to Choose Articles (A, An, The) – #20076

ArticlesLearn how to use articles (the, a, & an) correctly. Check your knowledge with a quiz.

Nouns to Verbs – #30034

nouns to verbs practiceLearn how to turn common business nouns into verbs. Take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Canceling and Rescheduling Meetings Lesson – #40003

Meeting skillsLearn how to cancel and reschedule a business meeting. Learn key phrases, tips, and suggestions for being polite.

Business Email Writing Prompts – #20073

english vocabulary practicePractice your email writing skills by writing replies to the prompts listed on this page.

How to Use a Thesaurus to Become a Better Writer – #20072

Prepositions for Self-IntroductionsDo you find yourself using the same words over and over again? Find out how a thesaurus will make you a better writer.

Improve Your Reading and Current Event Knowledge – #20071

english pronunciation practiceThis page is a reading comprehension exercise that guides you as you study a news story about a current event.

3 Ways to Make a Strong First Impression – #20070

Make a Great First ImpresssionLearn three simple to practice tips for making a great first impression.

Business Elevator Pitch – #20069

Elevator PitchLearn how to create a powerful elevator pitch.

Personal Self-Introductions – #20068

Personal Self-IntroductionsLearn how to prepare for speech-style and conversation-style self-introductions.

Gift Giving in America – #20067

Gift Giving in AmericaLearn cultural rules for giving and receiving gifts in the United States.

Prepositions for Your Self-Introduction – #20066

Prepositions for Self-IntroductionsLearn how to use prepositions correctly as you introduce yourself to others. Check your knowledge with a quiz.

Verbs for Your Self-Introduction – #20065

Verbs for Self-IntroductionsLearn how to use verb tenses correctly as you introduce yourself to others. Check your knowledge with a quiz.

Business English Learning Opportunities – #20062

english pronunciation practice In order to continue to improve your English, you must use English regularly. This following is a suggested list of activities for practicing your listening, reading, and speaking skills in business contexts that are interesting and fun.

Conversation Starters for Networking – #20061

english pronunciation practice This lesson gives you tips and phrases for starting conversations at networking events.

Prepositions: In, On, At – #20063

videoThe prepositions IN, ON, and AT can be confusing. This page will teach you a simple way to remember how to use these prepositions. Watch a video and test yourself with a quiz.

How Americans Celebrate Major US Holidays

english pronunciation practiceIt is important to understand how Americans celebrate their holidays if you do business in the US. Read about what to say and do on New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, July Fourth, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas.

Look at Your Audience #20056

videoIn this business presentations video, you will learn a quick tip on how to keep your audience focused on you while you are presenting.

Oral Presentation Skills and Voice Gestures #20055

videoIn this oral presentation skills video, you will learn how to use intonation in your presentations. Think of intonation as “gestures” for your voice. Adding these voice gestures will help you keep your audience’s attention.

Writing a Complaint Email – #90074

english pronunciation practiceLearn what information you should include in your complaint emails.

Learning English On Your Own – #20046

english pronunciation practice Learn tips on how to study English more effectively on your own.

Introduction (Cold) Email Template – #20030

english pronunciation practiceThis page provides a template for writing a cold introduction email, an email you send to introduce yourself to a new contact. Two additional sample scripts are included to guide you as you compose follow-up emails. One of the scripts is a suggested response for when your new contact wants to meet you; the other tells you what to say when the contact does not want to meet you.

Presenting Smoothly Without Quirks #20043

videoLearn how to avoid your quirks when you present. This video teaches you how to give a smooth presentation that is free of quirks, i.e., distracting physical habits that divert audience attention away from you and your message.

Hand Gestures While Presenting #20044

videoThis video demonstrates the “presentation strike zone,” the area of your body between your shoulders and waist that your hands should occupy when you speak before an audience.

Cold Call Phone Scripts – #20017a

english pronunciation practiceThis lesson provides a script to follow to compose an effective cold call, a phone call you make to introduce yourself to a new contact. You will be guided to personalize the script by plugging in information about you, your company and the services your company has to offer.

Cold Call Voicemail Scripts – #20017b

english pronunciation practiceThis lesson provides a script to follow when composing a cold call voicemail, a voicemail that you leave to introduce yourself to a new contact.

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