Cold Call Phone Scripts – #20017a

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Cold Call Phone Scripts – #20017a

This lesson provides a script to follow to compose an effective cold call, a phone call you make to introduce yourself to a new contact. You will be guided to personalize the script by plugging in information about you, your company and the services your company has to offer. Additional script templates provide follow-up question to ask when your contact is interested in meeting with you. One final script tells you what to say and ask when your contact does not want to meet.

english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Practice reading the following script with your company information.

"Hi (name), this is (your name) with (company name). (Company name) specializes in providing (service), and I think we could help your company with (service). I’d like to talk with you about that if you have a few minutes."

--> If the person says"yes," follow up with these questions:

  • How do you currently solve (problem)?
  • What are your biggest problems with your current strategy?
  • How often do you…?
  • Do you need…?
  • Could you benefit from (service)?
  • If we could show you how we address (stated problem) would you be interested in taking the time to see our product?

They are interested.--> You say, "When are you available to meet?" (schedule meeting)
They are not interested. --> You say, "Thank you for your time. Have a great day."

--> If the person says, "no," follow up with these questions:

  • When is a better time to call?
  • Would you like me to email you information about our service?

They are interested.--> You say, "Great." (get information)
They are not interested. --> You say, "Thank you for your time. Have a great day."

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