Accent Diet: Reducing Sounds Lesson 8 Practice 5 – #80490

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Accent Diet: Reducing Sounds Lesson 8 Practice 5 – #80490

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Common Phrases: The sounds in the phrases below often change in casual speech. You should avoid this kind of speech when you are speaking in formal situations (like at work), but you can use these phrases when you are talking with friends, when you are texts, or when writing messages on social networking sites.

Going to Gonna
I am going to I’mana
Want to Wanna
Have to Hafta
Got to Gotta
Ought to Oughtta
Kind of Kinda
Could have Coulda
Would have Woulda
Should have Shoulda
Might have Mighta
Donít know Dunno
What are you Whatcha
Give me Gimme
Let me Lemme
We’re gonna pick up the dry cleaning.
I’mana talk to him.
I wanna go to lunch.
I hafta get a new computer.
I’ve gotta call him.
He oughtta talk to her.
I kinda like it.
I coulda gotten the discount if I had asked.
She woulda wanted me to do it.
I shoulda stayed on my diet.
I mighta known.
I dunno why she left her job.
Whatcha doing this weekend?
Gimme another chance.
Lemme try it again.

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