Accent Diet: Reducing Sounds Lesson 8 Practice 4 – #80480

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Accent Diet: Reducing Sounds Lesson 8 Practice 4 – #80480

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Look at the following paragraph and read the underlined words as they are written. The underlined words represent commonly reduced vowel sounds.

Enid was an engineer noted fer ’er research in computer network security systems. Although she often analyzed complicated attacks on computers, the security system fer ’er house baffled ’er. When she first installed ’er own alarm system, she avoided turnin’ it on because it beeped at regular intervalsan’ bothered ’er. She believed that a system wasn’t needed fer ’er house. She felt that ’er neighborhood was safe. But after hearin’ that a thief had climbed through a neighbor’s back window an’ robbed ’im of $500, she finally asked a technician fer help.

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