Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 3 – #80340

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Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 3 – #80340

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Do you remember the du-du-DA rhythm that you learned in Lesson 4? We can think of syllables in the same way. The du is an unstressed syllable, and the DA is a stressed syllable.

Match the following words to the correct stress pattern below: application, analyst, authority, commission, community, confusion, dangerous, demonstration, disclosure, excellent, facility, graduation, hospital, material, motivation, philosophy, photographic, potential, practical, tradition

  1. DA-du-du (STRESSED-unstressed-unstressed)
  2. du-DA-du (unstressed-STRESSED-unstressed)
  3. du-’DA-du-DA (unstressed-PRIMARY STRESS-unstressed-SECONDARY STRESS)
  4. DA-du-’DA-du (SECONDARY STRESS-unstressed-PRIMARY STRESS-unstressed)

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