Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 2 – #80330

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Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 2 – #80330

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Read through the list of rules and practice stressing the correct syllables. These are rules that you can generally apply to English words. Just remember, all English rules have exceptions!

Stress on 1st Syllable

Two-Syllable Nouns: ACcess / ADdress

Two-Syllable Adjectives: GORgeous / HAPpy

Two-Syllable Adverbs: PRETty / QUICKly / BADly

Nouns made of two words: PASSword / WHITEboard / HANDshake

Stress on 2nd Syllable

Two-Syllable Verbs: apPLY / sugGEST

Verbs made of two words: underSTAND / overFLOW

Two-word adjectives: member-OWNED / long-TERM (stressed on the second word)

Stress on multi-syllablic words:

Stress the syllable second from the end: Stress the syllable third from the end:
[-ic] do-MES-tic, geo-GRA-phic 
[-sion] in-VA-sion
[-tion] app-li-CA-tion
[-stion] QUES-tion
[-ing] a-MA-zing
[-cy] de-MO-cra-cy
[-phy] pho-TO-gra-phy
[-ty] pri-OR-i-ty
[-gy] the-O-lo-gy
[-al] CRI-ti-cal
[-full] BEAU-ti-ful
[-ly] FRE-quen-tly
[-ical] tech-no-LO-gi-cal
[-able] ad-JUS-ta-ble
[-ate] ap-PRE-ci-ate
english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Stress on prefixes and suffixes:

Prefixes (a-, un-, be-, in-, pro-, ex-, ob-, dis-, re-) are usually not stressed.
The word they attach to keeps its original stress pattern even when a prefix is attached.


ACtivate reACtivate


Suffixes sometimes change the stress of a word. (-s, -ed, -ing, -ish, -ly, -ee, -ic).

Stress these suffixes: -eer (ENgine enginEER) / -aire (QUEstion

Do not stress these suffixes: -less (EFfort EFfortless) / -ing (Open Opening) / -er (deVElop deVEloper)

For these suffixes, change the stress in the original word: -graphy (PHOto
phoTOgraphy) / -tion (SItuate situAtion)

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