More Difficult Consonant Sounds Practice B – #79135

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More Difficult Consonant Sounds Practice B – #79135

This listening exercise will help you to help practice pronouncing the unvoiced “th” sound. Begin by listening to the audio and repeat the phrases after the speaker. Then, go through each of the phrases again on your own and read them aloud. For added practice, record yourself reading the phrases and listen to see if your pronunciation sounds like the audio.

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

Listen to the audio recording below.

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Practice these unvoiced ‘th’ /θ/ sounds.

TH / S

  1. think / sink
  2. bath / bass (a fish)
  3. mouth / mouse
  4. Think before you speak.
  5. Slow down.
  6. stock market
  7. thermal

TH / T

  1. thick / tick
  2. thought / taught
  3. booth / boot
  4. Think about it.
  5. Take your time.
  6. thoughtful
  7. time management

TH / F

  1. thirst / first
  2. three/ free
  3. death / deaf
  4. It was a thorough thesis.
  5. He fought for first place.
  6. mathematics
  7. financial

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