Difficult Vowel Sounds – #79150

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Difficult Vowel Sounds – #79150



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Important Points to Remember:

/i/ and /I/ are both made with your tongue near the front of your mouth. Your tongue is higher and more tense when making the /i/ sound.

/I/ is made with your tongue a little lower and more relaxed.

/E/ is made with your mouth a little bit more open than /i/. Your tongue is in the middle of your mouth.

/æ/ on the other hand is made with your mouth more open than /E/. The middle of your tongue is high.

/ei/ is a combination of /E/ and /i/. You have to make both sounds. Start with the /E/ and move your tongue higher into the /i/ sound.

/ai/ is also a combination of two sounds. /a/ and /i/ Make the /a/ sound first and then move your tongue higher into the /i/ sound.

/uh/ is the sound you make when you don’t know what to say: “uhhh.” Your mouth should be open a little, your tongue is relaxed and in the middle of the mouth.

Now open your mouth more and raise the back of your tongue to make the /au/ sound. Your jaw drops and your lips are pushed out.

/u/ is made with your lips in a rounded position. The back of your tongue is high in the back of your mouth.

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