Thought Groups Practice A – #79570

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Thought Groups Practice A – #79570

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Read the sentences, and pause at the end of each line. Stress the bold word.

  1. It is a well-known fact
    that social interaction
    is important
    for our health.
  2. The meetings we had
    over the course of 2 years
    were very useful
    for the development
    of our product.
  3. The largest concentration
    of wind turbines
    in the world
    is near Highway 580.
  4. Moore’s Law says
    that the number of transistors
    that can be placed on an integrated circuit
    doubles every two years.
  5. Highway billboards
    are a great way for hotels
    to get last-minute customers.
  6. It is a web-based storage system
    that allows you
    to access your files
    from anywhere.
  7. Even today,
    there are fewer women
    who work in software engineering
    than in other professions.
  8. The Tech Museum in San Jose
    offers visitors a chance to see
    how technology works.
  9. On April 30, 1993,
    CERN announced
    that the world wide web
    would be free
    to anyone.
  10. A coin toss
    is the most effective way
    to decide
    which team goes first
    in a sporting event.

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