Placing Stress – #79510

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Placing Stress – #79510



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Important Points to Remember:

The words we stress are the words that hold the most meaning in the sentence they are called “content” words. The unstressed words are those that help out with the grammar- they are called “function” words.

Content words are:
nouns (bosses)
main verbs (giving)
adverbs (quickly)
adjectives (great)

Function words are:
pronouns (he)
prepositions (at)
articles (the)
be verb (is)
conjunctions (and)
helping verbs (can)

Sometimes we break the rule when we want to emphasize something. In the last line, the helping verb “did” is stressed. The speaker wanted to emphasize that Bob really loved to hear himself cry.

Stressed words are in bold:
There once was a man named Bob.
Who never found joy in his job.
He wanted to quit,
But he couldn’t admit
That he did love to hear himself sob.

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