Intonation Overview – #79770

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Intonation Overview – #79770



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Important Points to Remember:

  • Intonation is the way you make your voice go up and down when you speak. It is also called “Pitch.”
  • If you change your intonation, you can change your meaning.
sharp up = question ‣ What?
sharp down = certainty ‣ I agree.
up then down = neutral ‣ That’s a good idea.
down then up = uncertainty ‣ Are you sure?

  • Pitch helps us know when someone is finished speaking.
  • A falling tone usually means that you’ve finished speaking.
    A rising tone usually means that you’re not finished.

  • There are 4 reasons to study intonation:
  1. It helps us distinguish between statements and questions.
  2. It helps you emphasize important words in your speech.
  3. It helps people understand your grammar.
  4. It makes you more interesting to listen to.

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