Difficult Sound Clusters – #79200

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Difficult Sound Clusters – #79200



english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Remember to pronounce all the letters in a consonant cluster.

“s”, “θ”, and “t”
The first clusters we’ll practice contain the sounds “s”, “θ”, and “t”. In these sounds, you must start the sound with your tongue near the front of your mouth.

To make the “STR” sound, pull your tongue up to touch the top of your mouth right after the “s” sound and then pull it back to make the “r” sound.
    straight, straight, astronomy, astronomy

The “F” plus “TH” sound is often difficult. Start by touching your top teeth to your bottom lip and then quickly push your tongue through your teeth.
    fifth, fifth

Now try the “N” plus TH” sound. Start with your tongue touching the top of your mouth just behind your top teeth, then bring it down and push it though your top and bottom teeth.
    month, month, ninth, ninth

Usually, when you make the “T” sound, you lightly touch your tongue to the top of your mouth behind your teeth, but when you combine the “T” and “S” sounds, you press your tongue firmly on the top of your mouth and then quickly make the “S” sound.
    lists, lists, tickets, tickets

“k” and “s”
The letter “X” is pronounced as a combination of the “K” and “S” sound. the sound with the back of your tongue touching the upper part of your mouth in the back (in the same place as the “G”). Then use the tip of your tongue to make the “S” sound at the front of
your mouth.
    mix, mix, exclusive, exclusive

“KS” and P”
The “KS” cluster is commonly used with “P.” Make the “KS” sound and then press your lips together. Practice these:
    explain, explain, expert, expert

“V” and “S”
There are many words that combine the “V” and “S” sounds. To make this cluster, you
need to make the voiced “V” by putting your top teeth on your bottom lip. Then before
you’ve finished the sound, move your tongue into the “S” position.
    knives, knives, lives, lives

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