Sequencing Events at a Meeting- #20047

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Sequencing Events at a Meeting- #20047

This listening activity is designed to help you practice sequencing events. The activity involves listening to an audio recording that describes a business meeting and then taking a fill-in-the-blank quiz.

First, listen to the recording once. Next, listen to the recording while glancing at the list of events. Try to fill in the blanks, assigning letters (“a” through “k”) that correspond to the order of events as you remember them. Finally, check your answers by clicking the "Check Answers" button at the bottom of the page. If you want to see the correct answers, click "Reveal Answers." To try again, click "Reset Quiz." Watch out for the "trick" questions! It will help to listen a few times before answering the questions.

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Listening Comprehension
Listen to the audio and answer the questions below.

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Arrange these sentences into the correct order of events. Use the letter "a" through "k." For example, the first event that happened should be marked with "a" the second with "b" and so on.

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