Accent Diet: Individual Sounds Lesson 9 Practice 7 – #80580

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Accent Diet: Individual Sounds Lesson 9 Practice 7 – #80580

english pronunciation practiceQUIZ

Read this paragraph and practice all of the skills you have learned so far. Record yourself and listen to the recording. Rate your pausing, stretching, stress, connections, and sounds.

Being ‘green’ isn’t as hard as you think. There are many things that people can do quite easily to reduce the amount of damage they do to the environment. Whether it’s turning down the thermostat or switching over to energy efficient light bulbs, almost everyone can make a difference by doing something small. Although you may have accomplished these first steps toward saving the planet, here are some more things you might want to consider. One, recycle your used printer cartridges—thousands of these end up in landfills throughout the country. Two, inform your community. Invite green experts to talk at your local community center. Try to make a real difference within your zip code. Three, get outside. Depending on the weather, go outdoors for your entertainment. Instead of visiting an air-conditioned movie theater, gather some friends and go for a hike or a picnic.

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

Compare your own recording to the audio recording below.

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

What are ten words that you commonly use in conversations at work? Make a list of these words and write the IPA symbols for each word. (Check your dictionary.) Is there a sound in each word that is difficult for you to pronounce? Write it down. Record yourself pronouncing these words. Practice pronouncing each word 10 times.

If you do not know what sounds to focus on, ask a friend or teacher to diagnose your problems.

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