Accent Diet: Reducing Sounds Lesson 8 Practice 1 – #80450

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Accent Diet: Reducing Sounds Lesson 8 Practice 1 – #80450

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Practice reading these sentences three times each. Underline the key words in each sentence. Notice that we only delete sounds in words that are NOT stressed.

Deleted Letter “H” (This happens with the words he, him, his, her & them.)

I saw him in his cube. I saw ’im in ’is cube.
I think he went to the headquarters. I think ’e went to the headquarters.
Do you think he cares? Do you think ’e cares?
Your example:

Deleted Letter “D” (This happens with the word and.)

I work for the R and D division. I work for the R an’ D division.
We had wine and cheese at the party. We had wine an’ cheese at the party.
Follow up with an email and phone call. Follow up with an email an’ phone call.

Your example:

Deleted Letter “T” (This often happnes when a word ends with the letter t.
Put your tongue into the t position and stop the sound with your throat instead of pushing the air out of your mouth. This is also called a glottal stop. See page 89 for more practice. When a word begins with the prefix inter-, the /t/ becomes an /n/ sound.)

I can’t seem to get this page to open. I can’(t) seem to ge(t) this page to open.
Internet shopping is very convenient. In(t)erne(t) shopping is very convenien(t).
The report was known internationally. The repor(t) was known in(t)ernationally.

Your example:

Deleted Letter “G” (This often happens with words ending in ing.)

I think everyone is getting a pay raise. I think everyone is gettin’ a pay raise.
It’s going very well. It’s goin’ very well.

Your example:

Deleted Vowels The middle vowel is sometimes silent in three- or four-syllable words.

family "fam-ly”
usually “u-zhu-ly”
conference “con-frence”
general “gen-rul”
comfortable "comf-ter-bul”
interest “in-trest”

Other Deletions Letters are sometimes deleted order to make difficult sounds easier to pronounce.

fifth "fith” sandwich “san-wich” clothes “close”

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