Accent Diet: Connecting Sounds Lesson 7 Practice 4 – #80410

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Accent Diet: Connecting Sounds Lesson 7 Practice 4 – #80410

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Rule: When a word ends in a /s/, /z/, /t/, or /d/ sound, and the next word starts
witha /j/ sound (pronounced “y”), the words are connected by a new sound. This only happens when the “y” word is unstressed.

/s/ + /j/ /ʃ/
/z/ + /j//ʒ/
/t/ + /j//tʃ/
/d/ + /j/ /dʒ/
Pass your paper sounds like pa-shor-paper.
Ease your mind sounds like ea-zhor mind.
Get your car sounds like ge-chor car.
I can’t find you sounds like I can’t fin-jou.

Practice connecting the words below by changing the sound.

understand your clients
could you
is your
not yet
find your strengths
trust your instincts
would you
miss your deadline
last year
read your mail
english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

For the items below, first mark the thought groups. Next, practice reading the sentences while connecting the /s/, /z/, /t/, and /d/ sounds to the word that begins with “y.” Read each one three times.

Did you really understand your data?
They raised 3 million dollars in Series A funding last year.
Could you help me fix the bugs in the system?
The first users of the product had to deal with many issues.
The consultant should point you toward a realistic solution.

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