Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 6 – #80370

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Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 6 – #80370

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It is important to not only stress the correct syllable in your words but also to shorten the unstressed syllables. The vowels in the unstressed syllables usually get shortened to either an /I/ sound or /ə/ sound. Practice these examples. Pay careful attention to the sound of the unstressed syllables.

focus (FO-kIs)
Oakland (OAK-lənd) 
developer (də-VEL-əp-ər)
surface (SUR-fIce)
design (də-SIGN) 
anniversary (an-nə-VER-sə-ry)
climate (CLI-mət)
(not FO-cus)
(not OAK-land)
(not de-VEL-op-er)
(not SUR-face)
(not de-SIGN)
(not an-ni-VER-sa-ry)
(not CLI-mate)

Some unstressed vowels are so weak that they disappear altogether.  

family (FAM-ly)
comfortable (COMF-ter-bəl)
camera (CAM-rə)
interesting (IN-trI-stIng)
(not FAM-i-ly)
(not COM-fort-a-bul)
(not CAM-er-a)
(not IN-ter-est-ing)

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