Accent Diet Lesson 5: Intonation – #80255

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Accent Diet Lesson 5: Intonation – #80255



english pronunciation practiceWHAT IS INTONATION?

Intonation is the rising and falling of the pitch of your voice. It is part of the
rhythm of English.

It helps to think of intonation like the notes on a musical scale. Just as notes can go up and down, you can use intonation to make your voice go up and down. You can also think of intonation as steps going up or down or as a wave that moves up and down like the ocean. Just remember that when you speak English, your voice should not be flat. It should be moving.

english pronunciation practiceWHERE DO I ADD INTONATION IN MY SPEECH?

Intonation follows the patterns of word stress. When you stress a word, you should also raise the pitch of your voice. The stronger you stress a word, the higher your pitch should be.

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