Accent Diet: Intonation Lesson 5 Practice 6 – #80310

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Accent Diet: Intonation Lesson 5 Practice 6 – #80310

english pronunciation practiceQUIZ

Read the following statements aloud. Decide if each statement has a rising or falling intonation pattern.

  1. The employees of this company are treated very well.
  2. Your commuting options are riding a train, bus or bike.
  3. A successful person takes risks every day.
  4. This store sells computers, printers, phones, appliances...
  5. You can have coffee or tea.
  6. I just love going to the dentist. (I really hate it.)
  7. The conference room, the one we were in last week, was really cold.
  8. Interestingly, they didn’t call us back.
english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

Compare your answers with the audio recording below.

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