Accent Diet: Intonation Lesson 5 Practice 4 – #80290

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Accent Diet: Intonation Lesson 5 Practice 4 – #80290

english pronunciation practiceQUIZ

Read the following questions aloud. Decide if each question has a rising or falling intonation pattern.

  1. Are you an owner or employee?
  2. How many people work in your office?
  3. Do you have what it takes to be successful?
  4. Your name is Kate, isn’t it? (You’re pretty sure her name is Kate.)
  5. Do you have a Korean or a Japanese car? (This is not an “either/or” question.)
  6. How many years have you worked for this company?
  7. Who called?
  8. That company got $3 million in funding! (You’re surprised.)
english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

Compare your answers with the audio below.

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