Accent Diet: Word Stress Lesson 4 Practice 4 – #80220

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Accent Diet: Word Stress Lesson 4 Practice 4 – #80220

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Read the following sentences and stress the bold words. Notice that the meaning changes depending on which word you are stressing.

Statement / Reply

  1. a. I can ski.             →  You must like cold weather.
    b. I can ski tomorrow.   →  Good. Let’s meet at 8 AM.
  2. a. I can go.     →  Good. I’m looking forward to it.
    b. I can’t go.   →  I wish you could.
  3. a. He can call anytime.    →  Great. He might call at noon.
    b. He can call anytime .   →  OK. I’ll tell him not to email but to call you.
  4. a. Can you read this?   →  Yes, it says “Do not enter!” in French.
    b. Can you read this?   →  Yes, I can read this one but not the other one.
  5. a. I can do it      →  I knew you could!
    b. I can’t do it.   →  Try again.
  6. a. She can sing well.   →  Yes, she has three gold records.
    b. She can sing well.   →  You’re right, but she can’t play the guitar at all.

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