Accent Diet: Stretching Lesson 2 Practice 3 – #80100

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Accent Diet: Stretching Lesson 2 Practice 3 – #80100

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

The following paragraph has many words ending in “s.” This is a sound
that many nonnative speakers fail to pronounce clearly. After you stretch the
final vowel in each thought group, remember to also add the final “s” sounds at
the ends of the phrases.


Read the paragraph three times. Remember to exaggerate your stretching.

When vacatione—rs
snap photo—s
for their scrapboo—ks,
they don’t usually worry about lense—s,
or even the people’s pose—s.
They just “point and cli—ck.”
This sty—le
produces photo—s
that are grea—t
for uploadi—ng
to social networking si—tes,
but without tripo—ds,
special lense—s
and an eye for bala—nce,
these photo—s
will definitely not become screen save—rs.
Your family’s pose—s
in Times Squa—re
probably look just li—ke
your friends’ photo—s.
Professional photographe—rs
always look for sce—nes
and pose—s
that are uni—que.
When professiona—ls
shoot a photo—,
they pay attentio—n
to the li—ght,
and messa—ge
that the image gi—ves.
With advances in camera—s,
everyday photographe—rs
can improve their image—s,
but technology alo—ne
will not turn the hobbyi—sts
into professiona—ls.
To make that ju—mp,
need lesso—ns,
not better camera—s.

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