Accent Diet: Stretching Lesson 2 Practice 1 – #80080

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Accent Diet: Stretching Lesson 2 Practice 1 – #80080

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

Listen to the audio recording below. Practice stretching the phrases with the audio recording.

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Read each phrase three times. Stretch the final vowel sound at the end of each

in the next da—y
will launch in a wee—k
what vendors can do for you—
it’s oka—y
give it to the tea—m
they’ve taken contro—l
what they talk abou—t
in the da—rk
still haven’t fou—nd

get ready to se—ll
president of the fi—rm
the cost of energy—
give it to me—
register today—
a number of topi—cs
need to leverage the we—b
get what you wa—nt
solutions are neede—d

english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

When a word ends in a “vowel + consonant + e," stretch the vowel before the consonant. The final “e” is silent.

have to gi—ve
to be do—ne

software as a servi—ce
give us a quo—te

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