Accent Diet: Word Endings Lesson 10 Practice 5 – #80630

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Accent Diet: Word Endings Lesson 10 Practice 5 – #80630

In this listening exercise, you will practice the different ways to pronounce ‘s’ at the end of words. There are 3 ways to pronounce ‘s’ at the end of words. To begin, listen to the audio. Repeat the words after the speaker, focusing on the word endings. Next, practice all of the words aloud. Read each group 3 times. For the final section, look at the paragraph and determine which way each ‘s’ at the end of words should be pronounced.

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

Listen to the audio recording below.

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Do you pronounce the /s/ endings in the following words differently:
Talks - Videos - Pages? You should.

There are three ways to pronounce the letter “s” at the ends of words:

1. “S” is pronounced /s/ after unvoiced sounds.
looks    makes     talks     straps     apps     budgets     amounts

2. “S” is pronounced /z/ after voiced sounds.
films     pixels     tripods     cameras     files     frames     pictures

3. “S” is pronounced /Iz/ after /s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /ʒ/, /tʃ/, /dʒ/ sounds.
(This adds a syllable to the word.)
lenses     flashes     resizes     watches     poses     pages     advances

english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Look at this paragraph and notice all the “s” endings. Which way is each “s” pronounced?

When vacationers snap photos for their scrapbooks, they don’t usually worry about lenses, flashes, or even the people’s poses. They just “point and click.” This style produces photos that are great for uploading to social networking sites, but without tripods, special lenses, and an eye for balance, these photos will definitely not become screen savers. Your family’s poses in Times Square probably look just like your friends’ photos. Professional photographers always look for scenes and poses that are unique. When professionals shoot a photo, they pay attention to the light, balance, and message that the image gives. With advances in cameras, everyday photographers can improve their images, but technology alone will not turn the hobbyists into professionals. To make that jump, amateurs need lessons, not better cameras.

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