Accent Diet: Pausing Lesson 1 Practice 3 – #80030

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Accent Diet: Pausing Lesson 1 Practice 3 – #80030

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

Listen to the audio recording below.

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english pronunciation practiceREAD

The following speech has been split into thought groups. Each line represents where you should add a pause. Practice reading it while pausing at each line break (/). Pause longer between the double line breaks (//). Read it 3 times.

What is your future?/
Will you spend your life/
working for someone else?/

are you brave enough/
to start your own business?//

Starting your own business/
requires courage,/
and optimism.//

Do you have/
what it takes?//

you need courage./
Without courage,/
you will fail.//

Forget what your friends are doing/
in their high-paid jobs/
Forget that your parents told you/
to find a stable job./
To start your own business,/
you must be strong,/
you must be fearless,/
and you must be brave.//

You need courage.//

you must have perseverance.//

When you start your business,/
you will have problems./
You will face challenges./
You will want to quit./

To be successful,/
you must persevere.//

you must be optimistic.//

Don’t think about failure./
focus on success.//

When you make mistakes,/
learn from them./
When something you try doesn’t work,/
think about how you can fix it,/
then move on.//

Optimists find opportunities.//

do you have it?//

Are you courageous?//

Will you persevere?//

Can you remain optimistic/
in the face of adversity?//

don’t answer.//

go start your business!//

english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Listen to the audio recording again. This time, practice reading along. Try to pause only when the speaker pauses.

If you have a way to record your voice, practice reading this paragraph and record yourself. Listen to yourself. Did you pause in the right places?

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