American English IPA – #80660

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American English IPA – #80660

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The phonetic alphabet is a useful tool when you are studying pronunciation. Each of the symbols in the IPA represent a unique sound in the English language. The symbols below represent the sounds you need to know in order to speak American English.

You do not need to worry about memorizing the pronunciation symbols immediately, but eventually you will find that understanding the IPA and the pronunciation symbols used by your dictionary will help you quickly understand how to pronounce new words correctly.

Consonants Vowels
Symbol Sound it Represents   Symbol Sound it Represents
s security   i meeting
z zoom   ɪ Internet
ʃ flash   ɛ edge
ʒ measure   æ app
t turn   ɑ processor
ʔ button   ɪ caught
d modern   u virtual
ʧ chip   ʊ would
ʤ just   ǝ account
p profit   ʌ cut
b benefit   make
f format   client
v virtual   however
θ think   ɔɪ noise
ð this   know
k cable      
g grant      
m motor      
n new      
ŋ ring      
l light      
r right      
w would      
j yell      
h how      

Lungs, Vocal Cords, Tongue, Teeth, Lips, and Nose

As you speak, air passes from your lungs and out your mouth. The shape of your mouth, the position of your tongue, the position of your teeth and lips, and whether you vibrate your vocal cords all work together to create a unique sound.

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