Accent Diet: Word Endings Lesson 10 Practice 3 – #80610

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Accent Diet: Word Endings Lesson 10 Practice 3 – #80610

english pronunciation practiceLISTEN

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english pronunciation practicePRACTICE

Groups of consonant sounds are called consonant clusters. Read these clusters and practice clearly pronouncing all of the sounds in the clusters.

Ending in “p”:    -rp    -sp    -mp

Practice:      warp      sharp      clasp      wasp      bump      stump

Ending in “s”:    -ds    -rs    -ts    -ps    -rts    -ves

Practice:      attends adopters      credits      ships      exports      lives

Ending in “k” & “ks”:    -rk    -nk    -lk    -sk    -sks    -ks

Practice:      work think      balk      ask      asks      attacks

Ending in “t”:    -rt    -nt    -ct    -ft    -pt    -st

Practice:      alert account      affect      draft      accept      receipt* first

(*The word receipt is irregular, the “p” is never pronounced.)

Ending in “th” & “ths”:    -nth    -nths    -fth    -ths    -thes

Practice:      millionth months      fifths      youths      bathes

Ending in “ch”:    -nch    -rch    -tch

Practice:      launch search      pitch      crutch

Ending in “ing” & “ings”:    -ing    -ings    -inging

Practice:      according buildings      singing

Endings that blend with “r”:    -rf    -rb    -rn    -rm    -rd

Practice:      turf blurb      torn      uniform      word

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