List of English Idioms

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List of English Idioms

Here is a list of English idioms and their meanings. If you don’t know what an idiom is, please read our “What is an idiom?” article.

All bets are off – There can be no predicting what will happen

Beating a dead horse – Continuing to talk about a subject that has already been overly discussed

Bounce ideas off (someone) – Share ideas (with someone for their response)

Come again? – What did you say?

Come around(someone) – Eventually agree

English Idioms - The coast is clear

Drop me a line – Write (or email) me

Feel free – Do as you want (with or about something)

Fly by the seat of one’s pants – Improvise as you go

Get over it – Stop being unhappy about something

Give it your best shot – Do your best

Hop in (a car) – Get in

Hop on (a bus, train, or subway) – Get on

I give you my word – I promise

It’s Greek to me – It’s unintelligible to me

It’s not a big deal – It’s not that important

It’s up to me (or anyone else) – It will be my responsibility

Jump in at any time – Contribute your opinion or input to this conversation

Off the top of my head – As I can recall or think of at this time

On the other hand… – An alternative would be…

Out of my depth – Outside my area of expertise

Out of your mind – Crazy

Sleep on it – Think about it until tomorrow

Sweating the small stuff – Worrying too much about unimportant details

There is no telling… – It is impossible to predict…

Think out of the box – Imagine ideas or methods never tried before

This is on me (when paying) – I will pay the bill

Try my hand – Try it for yourself (perhaps for the first time)

Up for grabs – Available to anyone

Up in arms – Angry

What’s up? – How are you? (informally)

Who cares? – This is unimportant.

Who knows? – Nobody can say for sure

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