A Presentation Is a Story – #20078

informational lessonLearn how storytelling techniques can improve your presentations.

Look at Your Audience #20056

videoIn this business presentations video, you will learn a quick tip on how to keep your audience focused on you while you are presenting.

Oral Presentation Skills and Voice Gestures #20055

videoIn this oral presentation skills video, you will learn how to use intonation in your presentations. Think of intonation as “gestures” for your voice. Adding these voice gestures will help you keep your audience’s attention.

Presenting Smoothly Without Quirks #20043

videoLearn how to avoid your quirks when you present. This video teaches you how to give a smooth presentation that is free of quirks, i.e., distracting physical habits that divert audience attention away from you and your message.

Hand Gestures While Presenting #20044

videoThis video demonstrates the “presentation strike zone,” the area of your body between your shoulders and waist that your hands should occupy when you speak before an audience.

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