Oral Presentation Skills and Voice Gestures #20055

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Oral Presentation Skills and Voice Gestures #20055

In this oral presentation skills video, you will learn to use intonation to underscore what you have to say. Think of intonation as “gestures” for your voice. You will learn how adding vocal gestures to your speech creates a more audibly interesting presentation that will capture and retain audience attention. This lesson focuses on the three pitch levels used in speech; you will learn to use them strategically to emphasize points and to communicate confidence. Watch the video a few times, then practice speaking some of Marc's example sentences. Imitate as closely as you can the pitch levels he uses for each example.



Main Points

  1. Use 3 levels of intonation when you present.
  2. Use level 3 to emphasize key words.
  3. Use level 2 when you start your sentence.
  4. Use level 1 when you end your sentence.

More Practice
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