MyOvient launches with over 250 pages!

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MyOvient launches with over 250 pages!

homepage-screenshotWe are excited to announce that our new Website for learning American English pronunciation, business English, grammar, and vocabulary is live! (Finally, after years of preparation and months of tweaking, we have finally finished it. Where's the beach? We're ready to take a vacation!)

How is this website different from the other English learning websites out there?

First of all, our content is made for people who want to improve their professional English. We create materials that cover the skills you need for your workplace. We have lessons to help you improve your negotiation and meeting vocabulary. We have videos that will teach you how to become a better presenter. We have many audio files and videos to help you improve your pronunciation.

Secondly, our site is simple and clean. We have worked very hard to make the site easy to navigate and easy to read. We have a search bar on the upper right side for easy searching, and our tabs at the top can help you get to where you need to be quickly. Our site is also free of annoying advertisements. You can relax when you're here; there are no ads on this site!

Thirdly, the site has a membership level for everyone. If you like free things (who doesn't?), you can join with a basic membership and access a lot of content for free plus have the ability to check off the lessons that you have completed. If you want access to all of our content and the ability to download audio files and worksheets, you can become a PLUS member for only $9.99 per month.

Finally, all members (free and paid) can write comments on every lesson! Do you have questions about a lesson? Ask us! Do you have a comment about a lesson? Tell us! Do you have a request for a specific topic to learn? Request it! We'd love to hear from you.

Wow, have you read all of this? That's great. We like you a lot. Now, get learning!

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