Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 1 – #80320

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Accent Diet: Syllable Stress Lesson 6 Practice 1 – #80320

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In Lesson 4, you learned how to add stress to the keywords in a sentence. In this chapter, you will practice adding stress to the syllables inside words. Every word that has two or more syllables has one syllable that is stressed more than the others. This phrase is written with different sized letters to show you how to stress words and syllables. The bigger the letter, the more stress it has:

When vaCAtioners snap PHOtos for their SCRAPbooks

Read this paragraph and stress according to the size of the letters. The larger the letters, the more stress you should add. Hold a rubber band as you read the paragraph. Stretch the rubber band whenever you add stress.

When vaCAtioners snap PHOtos for their SCRAPbooks, they don’t USually WOrry about LENses, FLAshes, or Even the PEOple’s POSes. They just “point and click.” This STYle proDUces PHOtos that are GREAT for UPloading to SOcial NETworking sites, but withOUT TRIpods, SPEcial LENses and an eye for BALance, these PHOtos will DEfinitely NOT beCOMESCREEN SAvers. Your FAmily’s POses in TImes SQUARE PRObably look just like your FRIENDS’ PHOtos. ProFESsional phoTOgraphers ALways look for SCENES and POses that are uNIque. When proFESsionals shoot a PHOto, they pay atTENtion to the LIGHT, BAlance, and MESsage that the Image GIVES. With adVANces in CAMeras, EVeryday phoTOgraphers can imPROVE their Images, but techNOlogy aLONE will not turn the HOBbyists into proFESsionals. To make THAT jump, Amateurs need LESsons, not better CAMeras.

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