Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Lessons

Key Elements of PronunciationAccent reduction can be challenging. We will take the mystery out of improving pronunciation.

Do you want to:
reduce your accent,
speak with an American accent,
modify your accent,
or simply speak more clearly?

Our materials will help you speak with confidence! You can either follow the lessons in The Accent Diet or simply click on any a la carte lesson below.

Follow Our Book

Accent Diet Textbook for Accent ReductionImprove your pronunciation with The Accent Diet, a textbook for learning how to speak with an American English accent. Buy the book on Amazon.

Learn A La Carte

Have you finished The Accent Diet? Or, do you want to just learn about one topic? Try the lessons below. Watch accent reduction and pronunciation videos and listen to audio recordings. You can follow these lessons in any order.




Don't forget to check the "MARK THIS LESSON AS COMPLETE" box on every page in order to keep track of the lessons you have completed!


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