Business Elevator Pitch – #20069

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Business Elevator Pitch – #20069

Elevator PitchAn elevator pitch is a quick introduction about your business.

The term "elevator pitch" refers to a quick speech that you give while riding in an elevator with an investor or executive. Since you would need to get off at a lower floor than the investor or executive (who is probably riding to the top), you have about 20 to 30 seconds to make your pitch before exiting.

Of course, this kind of speech does not require you to be in an elevator, but you do need to do it quickly.

elevator pitch patternsELEVATOR PITCH PATTERNS

Elevator pitches need to be short, simple, and descriptive. Use active verbs that describe what your company does (e.g., create, provide, enable, assist, develop, or produce). Your purpose is NOT to explain your entire company but to make people want to learn more about it!

[COMPANY] + [ACTION VERB] + [NOUN] + for [CUSTOMER] + to/so they can [VERB].


elevator pitch examplesELEVATOR PITCH EXAMPLES

The following elevator pitches follow the patterns above. Can you guess what companies these pitches are describing?

1. We provide a social networking platform for people of all ages to connect with their friends.

2. Our company designs and manufactures well-designed computers and phones for creative people to enhance their lives.

3. Our website provides a simple platform for amateur film makers to upload their videos to the web.


Now, you try! Write your own elevator pitch using the patterns above. Write a few different examples, and practice giving them to your friends or teacher. Once you have created a strong pitch, memorize it. You should be able to give it at a moment's notice.

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  1. Terry
    Posted October 3, 2013 at 10:53 am | Permalink

    I am Terry Aizawa, work for Kyocera. Kyocera provide System integuration service in Asia Market, mainly Japan, china, and singapore.I’m in charge of research and business development expanding to Asia Market. My activity and mission is to look for partner to create Asia market.

    • Blythe
      Posted October 6, 2013 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

      Terry, great pitch! I changed a little of the grammar. Please take a look:

      “My name is Terry Aizawa with Kyocera. Kyocera provides system integration services in the Asian market, mainly Japan, China, and Singapore. I’m in charge of research and business development in the Asian market, and I’m actively looking for partners who can help us to expand to this market .”

      I think you should be more specific about the type of system integration that you do. Also, you should add what makes your company unique/better than competitors.

      Good luck!

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